In line with our continuing commitment to Space Education on the Isle of Man, ManSat has initiated and awarded its first annual ManSat Fellowship to encourage and support further space related education for Manx Students.

The aim of the ManSat Fellowship is to provide educational opportunities to broaden the horizons of Manx Students committed to studying in the Space field and looking to enter the Space Community for future employment.

The ManSat Fellowship is open to all Manx students studying further education, whether at the Graduate Level or beyond, in all disciplines - Science, Engineering, Business, Medicine, Law, Humanities, etc. The ManSat Fellowship is awarded at the discretion of ManSat Ltd and any interested students are asked to contact ManSat directly.

*The 2001 ManSat Fellowship was awarded to Ms. Jennifer Stone of Onchan who studied "Anomalies in the Lunar Magnetic Field" utilizing data from the magnetometer and electron reflectometer experiments from NASA's Lunar Prospector Mission. Ms. Stone conducted her research at the world renown Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas.

Conrad Awards Spirit of Innovation

The Conrad Foundation honors the legacy of Apollo 12 astronaut, Charles "Pete" Conrad, and his three-decade pursuit toward innovation and entrepreneurship. His story is nothing short of inspirational.

During his teen years, a prestigious high school expelled Pete because he couldn’t read or spell. At that time, dyslexia was not recognized. In a new school, a perceptive headmaster saw Pete's spark of genius and gave him the confidence he needed. Pete went on to earn a scholarship to Princeton University and a ride to the moon as Commander of Apollo 12. November 1969, he became the third man to walk on the moon.

After many years as an explorer, Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight. He founded four companies dedicated to the commercialization of space travel. Why? So, one day, all of us might have the chance to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.

Pete got his “Moon Shot” because an educator took him under his wing and guided him to a future rich with possibilities. The Conrad Foundation and its programs continue that tradition in order to help students today get their “Moon Shot”.

United Space School at the University of Houston

In cooperation with the Department of Education every year ManSat Ltd. sponsors a scholarship for two Manx students to attend NASA's United Space School in Houston, Texas, at the University of Houston, Clear Lake Campus. The School is a NASA Sponsored two to three week summer program for Sixth Form students from around the world aimed at introducing students to the various disciplines working in Human Space Flight and to allow them to receive hands-on-training from NASA Astronauts, Scientists, and Engineers and International Cosmonauts stationed at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The School is held at the prestigious campus of the University of Houston Clear Lake Extension situated adjacent the NASA Johnson Space Center. The scholarships cover tuition, flights, and accommodation.

The scholarships are awarded as the result of an Island-wide Essay Competition. Essay Questions for the this year's competition have been advised to the head teachers at the participating Isle of Man High Schools.

The dates for the 2017 school are July 23rd to August 7th. Please note, all applicants must be in possession of a valid passport in time to travel to Houston.

For further information Interested students are asked to contact their Head Teacher directly or to contact ManSat, via

ManSat’s Commitment to Space Education

“To plan for a decade, plant a tree. To plan for a Century, educate your children.” – Plato.

ManSat is committed to Space Education on the Isle of Man and for Manx Students everywhere.

As such, and in partnership with the Department of Education, ManSat supports a series of scholarships for Manx students to study in Houston, Texas with NASA’s United Space School Program and in Strasbourg, France at the Post Graduate level with the International Space University, through to supporting teams of Manx students to enter the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Awards to compete at NASA AMES in Silicon Valley, California.

In addition, ManSat also offers a series of ManSat Fellowships for select post-graduate study.

The 21st Century is now and the challenges we face as a people and as a nation are before us. Education is the key to meeting them head on and beating them.


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